Welcome to EPCRochdale.com - Where EPCs Are as Affordable as a Pint at The Flying Horse!

Welcome to EPCRochdale.com, your friendly EPC spot right here in Rochdale! We've got a deal that's as budget-friendly as your favorite local brew - an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property, all for a flat rate of £39.99.

We're Rochdale's EPC heroes, and we're as proud of it as a rooster on a sunny morning. Our £39.99 package covers the whole shebang, from a meticulous property survey to the creation of your EPC certificate, all done with more care than a grandma's knitting.

EPC's - Rochdale's Breeze

Getting an EPC from us is easier than finding a friendly face in The Baum during happy hour. Just give us a shout through our website's contact page, and our dedicated team will be as thrilled as a kid in Rochdale's candy shop. We'll swiftly set up a convenient time to inspect your property.

During the survey, our skilled assessors will give your property the attention it deserves, taking around 30 minutes for a thorough assessment. We value your time as much as Rochdale values its local football, so we'll be as efficient as the trams running through town.

After the survey, we'll be as quick as a snap of your fingers. In just 3 working days, your official EPC certificate will be in your hands, packed with insights into your property's energy performance and tips to make it as efficient as the iconic Rochdale Town Hall.

We're all about keeping things transparent and affordable, like a good Rochdale market deal. Our £39.99 covers the whole shebang, ensuring you won't be hit by surprise costs. You can trust our expertise to deliver a top-notch EPC that meets all the standards, and maybe even some tips for the perfect Rochdale hotpot.

To make sure we're the real deal, you can check out our qualifications on the qualifications page. We've got CRB checks covered on the disclosure page, and we're insured for the job on our insurance page. You can dive into all the exciting EPC legislation on our legislation page, and for some extra excitement, explore our Other Services page.

Want to know more about us and why we started this EPC adventure in Rochdale? Head over to our about us page. If you have questions or just fancy a chat, hit us up on our contact page. If you prefer to chat in real-time, give us a call at +44 751 813 5361. Just don't be surprised if we answer with the enthusiasm of a Rochdale AFC fan after a victory!